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Про компанію Chernihiv Unicon

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About Chernihiv Unicon

Welcome to Chernihiv Unicon - a team of professionals who combine experience, talent and dedication in the field of construction and renovation. Our company is not just a contractor, but your partner in creating an ideal space that meets your dreams and expectations.

How we work

With us, each project is a unique story, and we are ready to help you step by step in realizing your ideas. Check out our workflow:

Consultation and Planning

Discussing your project, defining your needs and developing a detailed action plan.


Design and Concept

Creating a design and concept, taking into account your wishes and requirements.

Implementation and Construction

Start of work in compliance with the agreed schedule and quality standards


Control and Termination

We will complete the project with careful quality control and expressive details


Quality guarantee

Choosing Chernihiv Unicon is a promise of the highest quality and reliability. We are proud of our reputation and stand behind each project as if it were our own.

Our Obligations:

1. Quality of Materials:
Using only high-quality materials and technologies to make your project durable and sustainable.

2. Professional Work:
Our team consists of experienced specialists who ensure a high level of performance.

3. Compliance with Terms:
We believe in the importance of time and always adhere to agreed schedules.

4. Quality Guarantee:
We provide a guarantee for our work so that you have complete peace of mind and confidence in the reliability of your project.

We believe in transforming your space into a personal masterpiece, and our quality guarantee is our contribution to this creative process. With Chernihiv Unicon, your peace of mind is our priority.

Your Modern Space is Waiting for You!
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